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How Preschool Montessori Benefits Your Child in 5 Ways

By on Feb 24, 2017 in Education | 0 comments

Often considered a modern alternative to conventional schooling, Montessori schooling actually dates back to centuries. Today, in all corners of the globe it continues to experience a steady growth and most parents rely on this educational system for all their children. Why is this so? Research shows that’s Montessori educated children, on average, are ahead of others in various development aspects. However, for most parents, the question remains, “why is Montessori right for my child?”

Choosing Montessori education for your child is a positive and great step toward helping him or her to become a happy and independent adult. Although each one embraces the same philosophy and methodology, the right Montessori offers something unique. Finding the right one that fits your child’s learning style, personality, and needs requires some cautious reflection. Read on to discover how preschool Milton Montessori or any other one benefits your child’s educational journey.

1.     Promotes Cooperative Play

Since teachers in Montessori’s do not encourage children to “run” around in the classroom, students are under constant check. Teachers guide their activities, plan them accordingly, and they do not need to run or engage in irrelevant activities. This encourages children to work cooperatively, share, and explore various situations in the classroom. They learn how to respect one another as well as build a sense of friendship, more like a community.

2.     Helps to Focus on Key Development Stages

Generally, a Montessori curriculum focuses on aspects like key development, which is a milestone in most children between the ages of three and six years of age. Children younger than this age group focus on language skills, where as older ones learn to work on their motor skills and complete daily tasks like arts and crafts.  Older children broaden their experience of learning to their communities. They go to special events, and trips, where they learn about new things, and socialize with others of the same age group.

3.     Encourages Cognitive Learning

Cognitive learning is about how an individual reasons, and processes information. Many factors revolve around this, including problem solving skills, thinking skills, memory retention, and the perception of things through learning materials. In Montessori schools, teachers encourage children to open their cognitive sides by exposing them to different learning materials like puzzles, word blocks and more play options. These help children to reason, and think about different approaches to daily tasks and activities.

4.     Self Discipline Becomes a Habit of Your Child

Although Montessori systems allow children to choose activities of their choice, how long they wish to spend on a particular task, there are some standards rules for classes. Teachers enforce these rules consistently, and it teaches children to learn self-discipline. It helps to refine important skills like motivation, independence, self-control and concentration, which help to make your child a better individual.

5.     Focus on Hands-On Learning

The greatest benefit of sending your child to Montessori, particularly during their early development and learning experience helps them to focus on “hands-on” learning. Generally, the emphasis here is to concentrate, rather than engage in abstract learning. Students learn to work on different activities that teach them language, practical lessons of life, culture, math and more.

Sending your child to preschool Montessori like Milton Montessori comes with more potential benefits. Keep in mind that these early years help to prepare a student for more learning experiences that are yet to come in their life ahead. It helps to boost their confidence, instill self-respect, raise curiosity, sparks interests in learning new things, polishes their creative side, and fosters a sense of wonder and awe.