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Can divorce lawyers help with child custody?

By on Apr 19, 2017 in Baby Care | 0 comments

When parents decide to have a divorce, there are too many decisions to make on the child or children’s custody. Part of the divorce agreement will involve determining where and with whom the children will live Child custody describes the legal and practical relationship between a parent and his or her child such as the right of the child to make decisions and the...

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How Preschool Montessori Benefits Your Child in 5 Ways

By on Feb 24, 2017 in Education | 0 comments

Often considered a modern alternative to conventional schooling, Montessori schooling actually dates back to centuries. Today, in all corners of the globe it continues to experience a steady growth and most parents rely on this educational system for all their children. Why is this so? Research shows that’s Montessori educated children, on average, are ahead of...

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How to Take Care of a Newborn Baby

By on Jun 30, 2016 in Video |

The video is going to help you understand baby care in a perfect manner, especially the new born babies who are soft and need to be pampered every moment. This video would let you understand how to take care and how to handle babies at every condition. Generally new born babies understand mother language first as they stay inside the mother’s womb for a period of 10...

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Baby Videos

By on May 31, 2016 in Video |

Babies are cute, they are adorable. They are little bundles of joy. There is no felling that can match the pleasure experienced when you watch your baby grow up. If you are a parent, a soon to be parent or just an individual who loves babies, little chippi is the blog just for you. The blog has a number of videos showing babies in different moods and performing...

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