'I absolutely love your new organic bedding range...It's the nicest baby linen I've seen in a long time, if not ever!' A. Giles

Just to give you a bit of feedback on the city stickers (Glow Town), Lachlan just loves them, he has spent the last hour organising them in his bedroom wall, turning off the light and on again. He is very excited, especially the glowing. JGara


Favourite Little Chipipi Product & Why?

Competition through KidStyleFile to explain your favourite Little Chipipi product and why?

...I love the Travel Bug Organic Baby bedding range, especially the cot quilt and sheets. The reversible quilt gives you two products in one :) N.Carey

...Fav Product is: the Baby Alphabet Cot Quilt because its 100% organic, we all love organic products, its clean, no chemicals, good for the environment etc, and the baby elephant design is just too cute. J.Pearce  

...My favourite Little Chipipi is the Tweet Hearts baby bedding, even though they all are beautiful...I love the design it is really girly and love the colour combination. D.Osigli

...The Animal Alphabet Moveables wall stickers range is awesome! What a fab product for my lil one to start learning his ABC. L.Vu

...My favourite Little Chipipi product by far is the adorable Travel Bug Cot Set... This cot set is such a cute set for little baby boys... I also love that it is made from 100% Organic Cotton!!! C.Ecclestone

...Mine and my daughters favourite Little Chipipi product is the Butterfly Patch Moveables wall stickers.  My daughter loves the butterflies and loves to be able to  move the decals around and 'decorate' her room in her own way! M.Leeper

...My favorite Little Chipipi product is the 'Baby Alphabet' new organic cotton luxurious bedlinen range. I love the gorgeous design, bright coloured animals and letters, also that it is made with organically grown cotton! J.Makin

...The Moveables wall stickers range – my daughter is getting so big so quickly and to know that you can change her room easily as she grows is an awesome idea.  She loves bright colours and butterflies.  Perfect presents also. J.Robertson

...My favourite Little Chipipi product is without a doubt the new 'Tweet Hearts' organic cotton baby bedding range...it would look divine in my daughter's room and go beautifully with her bird theme. The Moveables 'Red Robin' wall stickers would come a very close second! ;) J.Upton

...I love the Organic Baby 'Baby Alphabet' baby bedding.  It is made from quality natural cotton, big enough for the larger brand cots and the print is just beautiful for either girls or boys...The Baby Animal Moveables wall stickers are gorgeous too. Love, love, love Little Chipipi!!!! R.Buckland

I love your ‘Moveables’ wall stickers...they can redecorate the room without having to repaint ... I will have no problem getting my husband to buy these. C.Christie

...My favourite Little Chipipi product is the Travel Bug cot quilt!! Absolutely gorgeous design made out of quality organic materials!!
What more could a mum ask for?! Devine!! A.Hodge

...Oh, it’s just too hard to pick just one favourite product...I first fell in love with and bought the “Butterfly Patch” wall stickers and they are just perfect in my girls’ room – which little girl wouldn’t like pretty butterflies all over their room!. Now, I have a baby boy too, and he is already crazy about cars so I know he would just love the “Drive Time” wall stickers! Oh, and how gorgeous are the “Travel Bug” Cot Quit/Sheets/Cushion to match! Love your products, Little Chipipi!! S.Vettoor

...Fav product is Animal Alphabet wall stickers. I have twins so this is ideal for my baby girl and baby boy. Not too pink and not too blue :) K.Tan

...The Organic Baby Tweet Hearts Cot Quilt because I love the fact that it is organic cotton and the design is just beautiful. Also I agree with the philosophy about having beautiful quality bed linen as we and our little ones spend so much time in bed. E.Lacey

..."Ships Ahoy" wall art from the 'Moveables' range. Why? The colours, patterns and designs are fun, nautical, and match pretty much everything in kids' rooms. They look a wee bit retro-cool! A.Fifer

...I just love your Organic Baby Tweet Hearts Cot Set... If I didnt have a baby boy atm I'd buy it all NOW!!! I love the print, and the pastel colours are to DIE for!! K.Young

...The Organic Baby, Baby Alphabet bedding collection is my favourite by far! So fresh, fun and happy. L.Abejja


What Australian Baby Guide mum's thought of MOVEABLES wall stickers.

Australian Baby Guide Road Test is a non-bias review of products conducted by Australian Mums.

...MOVEABLES wall stickers are extremely easy to use, just peel off the backing paper and stick on the wall. Peel off and stick it somewhere else on the wall LOL Very very easy. Everyone in my house had a go and they loved it. - Meggles (Australian Baby Guide)

...I really liked that the wall stickers could actually be resused, I previously purchased another brand of wall stickers for Amy's room and they are terrible to try and restick, they do re-adhere to the wall but they start to curl off the wall after only a couple of days I am forever sticking them back down, other reusable stickers I have tried have also removed paint or failed to stick at all - Lynnie P (Australian Baby Guide)

...I think the fact the wall stickers come in a classy, durable box is wonderful. So different to just receiving the wall stickers on backing paper. It is very exciting opening the box and unveiling the stickers inside. - Aaurora
 (Australian Baby Guide)

...Amy was very taken with the wall stickers. I am always trying to find new ways to keep her attention and interest and putting the moveables beside her cot did just that, I was able to move them to different positions around her cot to keep her turning her head different ways to try and prevent the flat head syndrome other wise if she has nothing to look at she just faces me all the time. She smiles at the Moveables wall stickers and chats to them and seems to like the colours and contrast. - Meggles (Australian Baby Guide)

...I love that the wall stickers are thicker and won't tear. YAY! I love that there are lots of different ones and such wonderful bright colours and patterns that really stand out. My son's room was so dull before as I am renting and unable to put anything permanent on the walls so these were PERFECT! Has completely brightened up the room and it feels happier and more childlike now- Meggles (Australian Baby Guide)

...he has also incorporated the “Imaginative play” and created different scenarios for the cars.
The stickers are packaged in a hard box and looked expensive. I have now used this box to store my son’s drawings. I think it’s great that the stickers re-adhere to the wall after peeling them off and don’t tear. - A_Dincer (Australian Baby Guide)

I have already showed my friends the wall stickers and they were extremely impressed. They didn't believe me at first when I said they could be moved around and resused many times. So I told them to give it a go and they LOVED them.  - Meggles (Australian Baby Guide)