Are MOVEABLES non-toxic?

Yes, MOVEABLES wall stickers are non-toxic and safe for children to use.

What walls can I stick MOVEABLES wall stickers to?

MOVEABLES wall stickers are recommended for use on most walls. We suggest testing a small area before use.

Why are they referred to as MOVEABLES?

MOVEABLES wall stickers by Little Chipipi are removable and repositional, so they can be moved easily over and over again, unlike traditional wall stickers.

What is the difference in quality compared to other wall stickers?

MOVEABLES wall stickers use the highest quality material available which means no bubbles or curling edges and no damage to walls*.

Can children use them?

Yes, recommended age is 3+ years old. MOVEABLES wall stickers are thick and durable making them easy for little hands to use and reapply. Also one of the best things about MOVEABLES is they are FUN!! Kids will enjoy becoming the designer creating their own formations around the room. For babies, just looking up at these colourful stickers will help develop their little imaginations.
WARNING: This is not a toy. Parental supervision recommended for children under 3 years. Small parts included.

How are the wall stickers packaged?

MOVEABLES wall stickers are renowned for their unique packaging in a beautiful keepsake box. Great presentation for a gift and easy to post.

Where are they made?

MOVEABLES wall stickers are proudly Australian Made & Designed.

Where do I buy MOVEABLES wall stickers?

SHOP ONLINE or see our STOCKIST page for your nearest retailer or online stockist.

I have just painted my walls, should I wait a while before using them?

We recommend waiting 3 weeks before applying MOVEABLES wall stickers.

We are moving house, can I take them with me?

Yes, carefully peel you MOVEABLES wall stickers off the wall and place on grease-proof baking paper. Then take to your new house and re-apply.

Will they stick on rendered surfaces?

No, generally wall stickers will not stick to a prickly or rough rendered surface.

Will the wall stickers stick to glass and other flat surfaces?

Yes, MOVEABLES wall stickers will stick to most flat surfaces such as cupboards, doors, glass and wall paper. Though, they may not remove and reposition as easily as on a wall surface.