‘The name ‘Little Chipipi’ was the name we gave to a wooden billycart our grandad made us when we were kids’.

Little Chipipi (ch-pee-pee) is an Australian company that designs and manufactures quality products for children. Created by Graphic Designer Samantha Peters from PaperScout. Initially producing only greeting cards and magnets, Little Chipipi has grown with the introduction of their much loved MOVEABLES™ wall stickers and now - their new matching organic bed linen and placemats.

Little Chipipi’s MOVEABLES™ wall stickers & wall decals, bed linen, placemats and greeting cards are sold through children’s stores and gift boutiques across Australia and internationally.

Little Chipipi is always working towards designing and manufacturing the highest quality products for you and your little ones to love and enjoy.

All Little Chipipi's products are protected by Copyright © and created using our original designs. Copying our designs or using our images without approval is an offence.