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Having a new baby and getting nervous? If that’s the case then welcome to our site! This is a blog that gives you a clear guide on how to look after your baby and what you need to know in order to keep him/her healthy as they grow in front of your eyes. To gain more insights into parenting and the baby care, please do check out our recommended Australian parenting speakers, Do check out for more on the best parenting speakers for your family event!

Can divorce lawyers help with child custody?

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When parents decide to have a divorce, there are too many decisions to make on the child or children’s custody. Part of the divorce agreement will involve determining where and with whom the children will live Child custody describes the legal and practical relationship between a parent and his or her child such as the right of the child to make decisions and the parent’s duty to care for the child. Divorce lawyers play an important role in matters child custody in the following ways: A divorce lawyer helps parents with designing a...

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How Preschool Montessori Benefits Your Child in 5 Ways

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Often considered a modern alternative to conventional schooling, Montessori schooling actually dates back to centuries. Today, in all corners of the globe it continues to experience a steady growth and most parents rely on this educational system for all their children. Why is this so? Research shows that’s Montessori educated children, on average, are ahead of others in various development aspects. However, for most parents, the question remains, “why is Montessori right for my child?” Choosing Montessori education for your child is a...

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The ping pong Baby

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Today’s awesome video shows the original video that became hugely popular due its high cuteness factor! This video was shared to us by TR Sports Australia offering table tennis tables shipped to Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney from their online store.

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How to Take Care of a Newborn Baby

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The video is going to help you understand baby care in a perfect manner, especially the new born babies who are soft and need to be pampered every moment. This video would let you understand how to take care and how to handle babies at every condition. Generally new born babies understand mother language first as they stay inside the mother’s womb for a period of 10 months. So the mother needs to stay close to her baby every moment with avoiding any harsh clothing on her body. When that is just over, the mother must take perfect food so that...

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Baby Videos

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Babies are cute, they are adorable. They are little bundles of joy. There is no felling that can match the pleasure experienced when you watch your baby grow up. If you are a parent, a soon to be parent or just an individual who loves babies, little chippi is the blog just for you. The blog has a number of videos showing babies in different moods and performing various activities. You would surely love to watch the video here. The video has a compilation of short clips of babies in some funny moods. Right from laughing uncontrollably to the...

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The Essential Baby Care Guide

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Taking care of a baby is a very demanding job and definitely not the easiest in the world. It can be said that there are surprises at almost every corner. Certain basic tips have to be followed, depending on the age of your little one. When the baby is born, it is a huge learning experience for the mother. Much of the information is available in new courses. It might be suitable for the mother to take up one of these courses. In this video, Professor Robert Winston explains some of the necessary tips that mothers must keep in mind. He...

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Six Benefits to Seeing a Parental Speaker

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Having children is not easy. It is a challenge, both for experienced and for new parents. There is no shame in asking or looking for help when it comes to mastering the art of parenting. But how do help parents? Easy: by hiring a speaker. There are many benefits and reasons on why seeing a parental speaker can help parents, including: Relaxing and Informal. A speaker is a relaxing and comfortable environment for many parents to gain the confidence in helping raise their children the right way. Meeting Parents in the Same Boat. It helpful and...

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Parenting Events to Go to

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Even though there are so many parenting events to go to, below is an amazing video about the power of Home parenting conference. If you love listening to popular parenting speakers or attend such events, let us know. Check out the below video. Our recommended references for a parenting event is Innovative...

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Baby Handling for Optimal Physical Development

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The parts of a baby’s body are very delicate. One has to handle the baby with a lot of care, so that proper development in the body takes place. For example, holding the back in an incorrect way can result in the neck getting damaged. This is because muscles in the neck still have not developed, and so it has to be handled with extra care. In this video, you will see a female instructor holding a workshop on baby handling for optimal physical development. Here she explains how the babies have to be kept on the backs or front sides, depending...

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Baby Sleep Training

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In our older cultures, the elders of the family, like the parents’ parents or their older siblings would visit and stay and help the new parents with the kid. But with nuclear families trending in, most of the times the couple, and many a times even a single parent, need to learn and do all by themselves. If you are one of those struggling newbies to parenthood, our baby blogger can help you with it. Find all you want to know about taking care of your precious little one, from planning her day, to skincare, nutrition, managing when they are...

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